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Candidates for the 99th District House of Delegates to Speak at Rappahannock Indivisible Meeting

Monday October 7, 2019

Rappahannock Indivisible—We the People will hold its October open meeting 7pm, Wednesday, October 16th at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Rappahannock, 366 James Wharf Road, White Stone. Candidates for the 99th District House of Delegates seat have been invited to discuss issues important to the Northern Neck and to Virginia as a whole.

Francis Edwards, the Democratic candidate, has accepted the invitation. Edwards, who ran for this seat in 2017, is a husband, father and grandfather and a resident of Weems in Lancaster County. He is a graduate of Cambridge University and has served in senior management positions across medium and large companies, including as CEO of the shopping channel QVC in Germany. He is a local supporter of the Lancaster Community Library, Animal Welfare League, Free Health Clinic and YMCA.

Margaret Ransone, the Republican incumbent, has not as of press time responded to several invitations nor has she provided any biographical material. Ransone is a resident of Westmoreland County and works in the family-owned oyster business. She attended Randolph Macon College.

The format is simple. Each candidate or representative will have 20 minutes to answer several questions about the local economy, redistricting, gun violence, equal rights, money in politics, and environment/climate change. There will be a little time for attendees to ask questions as well.

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