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Can YOU Volunteer in March or April to Make Sure EVERYONE Counts?

It is vital that we make it as easy as possible for everyone to participate in the 2020 census, which for the first time is an online survey. Census numbers determine voting districts and direct the distribution of millions of dollars in state and federal funding to our community. UUFR and Rapphannock Indivisible are partnering with the Lancaster Complete Count Committee in making sure everyone in Lancaster County is Counted. Mid-March is the projected date that the census form will be available to complete online. The Lancaster Public Library is providing a designated computer for completing the census. It will be located in the vicinity of individuals waiting in line to complete their taxes. Volunteers are needed to be present at the computer site to encourage and support these individuals completing the census form while they wait. The start date for this project is March 18. Volunteers will be assigned to be present between the hours of 11:30 to 4:30 every Wednesday and Saturday through April 15. A training session will be coordinated with volunteers before the start date, and individual training will also be offered for those who join along the way. The volunteer tasks include sharing information about how to complete the census, helping individuals to access the site, and being available to answer questions about the process. If you are interested in accepting this call to action, please contact Diana Jamison at 804-761-3991 or Once again: What: Volunteer to Help People Access the Online Census When: Wednesday and/or Saturday, shifts between 11:30 and 4:30 Where: Lancaster Public Library How: Contact Diana Jamison to sign up and get trained: 804-761-3991 or Why: Because it is vital that all of our friends and neighbors are counted in the Census so that Lancaster County's schools, roads, communications systems, public safety services, emergency services and so much more receive the support they deserve from the taxes we pay, and so that our voices have their "fair share" amplification in our democracy. **If you are are UU member in Northumberland, Middlesex or Mathews and know of a similar effort in your community that would benefit from UUFR volunteers, please reply to this email and send the information and I will be happy to share it with UUFR Members and Friends.

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