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CALL TO ACTION--Lancaster Board of Supervisors Meeting THURSDAY!

Please join me in attending the Lancaster Board of Supervisors meeting this Thursday, May 30 at 7:00 p.m. in the General District Courtroom at the Lancaster Courthouse.  Shannon Ellis, a representative from the Census Bureau will be giving a brief presentation on the 2020 Census and the need to formulate a Complete Count Committee.  Join me in asking the Board of Supervisors to take on this task and to tell them that We The People will help them make sure everyone is counted.  This is so important because Lancaster County is subject to loosing $2000 in federal funding per every uncounted individual each year for 10 years.  It does not take many uncounted individuals to loose a substantial amount of money that supports the quality of life and health of our county.


Rappahannock Indivisible

We The People 


804 761 3991


Please personally invite one other person to join you.

Enter this link in your search bar to learn more. 

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