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Call to Action

BOOTS ON THE GROUND NEEDED Indivisible has joined a coalition of the black women’s Delta Soriety and the NAACP in getting out the vote. We will be joining their table and distributing voter information literature at festivals in the area over the next couple of months. We need your to help with this special project. Our first event will be The Annual Edwards Day Celebration on September 8. 

We also have VOTE! It’s Your Super Power post cards that need addressing and mailing. We will be organizing post card parties in the near future. Our steering committee needs help in developing a brochure for Rappahannock Indivisible. We have a format that has been developed by another Indivisible group here in the NN. We need someone to tailor the script to reflect our misssion and accomplishments. Here is your opportunity to do something that will make a difference. I’ll be waiting for your YES I CAN HELP call at 804 761 3911 or your email at Diana Jamison, Coordinator Rappahannock Indivisible - We The People 

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