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Does Rob Wittman Represent You?

Does Rob Wittman Represent You? Does Rob Wittman represent the interests of every day folk like you and me or do his votes favor business interests? Is he leader or a follower when it comes to representing “we the voters”?

Did you know that he was a co-sponsor and voted for H.R. 10: Financial CHOICE Act of 2017?

A couple of things that bill did was to remove the caps on the amount banks and credit card agencies can charge retailers for processing debit and credit card transactions. The CHOICE Act lifted the cap, thus allowing banks to get more money for card swipe fees. Who do you think will pay those additional fee amounts? I bet you know the answer. Also, a provision of the Choice Act repealed the Labor Department’s Fiduciary Rule, which would have required investment brokers and advisors to act in the best interests of their clients when providing investment advice about 401(k) accounts, individual retirement accounts and other qualified accounts. A “fiduciary” has the utmost responsibility to place his clients interest above all others. As a result of eliminating this rule an investment advisor is not required to be a “fiduciary” and may work for his or her own benefit when providing advice. Is that a good thing? It is the investor’s money, right? So should any investment be for the sole benefit of the investor? I think you know this answer as well.

On these issues has Rob Wittman represented your interests?

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