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Speak Out: The NRA Stands Between Us and Gun Safety

Speak Out: The NRA Stands Between Us and Gun Safety

BACKGROUND: There is one major obstacle in the way of stemming our country's gun violence epidemic and preventing tragedies like those at Santa Fe High School in Texas from happening again: The influence of the NRA and gun industry PACs. The influence of the National Rifle Association (NRA) is playing a major role driving our government’s massive failure to even attempt to reduce gun violence. Politicians who continue to accept campaign contributions from the NRA and gun industry PACs implicitly support an all-types-of-guns-everywhere-for-everyone agenda, which history shows us points in only one direction: More gun violence. In the U.S. Congress alone, more than half of incumbents have gotten money and organizational help from the NRA, many with financial relationships with the NRA that date back years.

Heading into the 2018 midterms, gun rights groups, including the NRA, are already far outspending gun safety groups by 40 to 1. As of February, they had made nearly $600,000 in direct contributions and independent expenditures on behalf of congressional candidates as compared to the $14,000 from gun safety groups. It's time to hold our elected leaders accountable demand that they reject this influence! Take action and see U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren explain why she has taken the #NoNRAMoney pledge.