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March on Richmond for Medicaid Expansion 4/17/18

The General Assembly convened today to pass procedural resolutions for the special session. Both the House of Delegates and the Senate will reconvene next Tuesday at 4 pm and Wednesday at noon to pass budgets out of their respective chambers. It is expected that the House will again pass a budget that includes Medicaid Expansion, and the Senate will again pass a budget that rejects it. Then the chambers will conference with a final budget that hopefully includes Medicaid Expansion coming in May or June.

This Tuesday and Wednesday will be the public’s last opportunity to lobby the full General Assembly on Medicaid Expansion before it either passes or fails.

That is why, just before Tuesday’s session begins at 4pm, we are going to March on Richmond for Medicaid Expansion this Tuesday, April 17, 2018 from 2-3 pm in the Bell Tower section of Capitol Square in Richmond just outside the Capitol. Many industry experts will be on hand as well as our General Assembly delegation. RSVP here.

The Press Release is going out later tonight. Your friends and neighbors will most likely see you on the evening news and once again, the eyes of the nation will be on Virginia as they were last November. We must make certain we send a strong message.

We want to make certain we have participation from every corner of Virginia and we hope from every county and city. We know for many, that means a long drive. Carpooling is highly recommended. We ask that every participant make a sign: one that has a Medicaid Expansion message, or one with the name of your home county or town, or some combination of the two. If you show up, we'll be sending a powerful message. RSVP here.

The stakes are high. We're talking about healthcare coverage for 400,000 Virginians, $400+ million to our budget and $1.7 billion to Virginia’s annual economy. Please send this invitation to your local committee membership and work with them to make certain you are represented. I look forward to seeing you there.

5 Scenarios of Medicaid Expansion - Virginia Pilot, #4 covers the most Virginians and would create the greatest efficiencies and cost savings for the broader healthcare system, #5 is why you need to be at this march.

RSVP here

Facebook event is here if you also want to share on Facebook.

Steve Baker



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