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Expand Virginia Medicaid

Expand Virginia Medicaid

Virginia should expand Medicaid! There are many good reasons to do so.

1) The Expansion of Medicaid coverage is paid 100% by the federal government until 2020 and 90% after that.

2) Expansion will bring in billions of new dollars, which will be good for Virginia?

3) Virginia uninsured residents would be reduced dramatically without having to raise significant additional Commonwealth revenue.

4) Those new Medicaid dollars will create jobs. As more patients have access to care, hospitals, community health centers, labs, and nursing homes will buy more supplies and hire more workers. Thus with the economic multiplier affect the overall economy will experience positive benefits.

5) If Medicaid is not expanded, hospitals will continue to struggle to care for patients who cannot pay their bills. Hospital only has a legal obligation to stabilize the patient’s life, but not to provide complete care. As the cost of this uncompensated care mounts, hospitals shift the cost to insured patients and health insurance premiums tend to rise. It's a lose-lose situation for everyone: the hospital, the community, those with insurance and the patients who may not receive all the care needed.

6) Federal incomes taxes are now levied on Virginia residents. Those taxes support Medicaid Expansion in other States. If our residence are paying why not have that money come to Virginia via Medicaid Expansion. It will benefit of Virginia citizens and our economy.

There are moral issues too.

7) Four hundred thousand or so of our poorest Virginia residents are without coverage and thus are very vulnerable to illness and its consequences. Some may have to declare bankruptcy. Some may die without this coverage. Expanding Medicaid is not only fiscally attractive, but it is also a moral imperative.

Tell your representatives to vote yes to Expand Medicaid in Virginia!!!!

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