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School Killings

School Killings

How can we as a society send our kids off to school not knowing whether they will come home alive?

Statements vary, but indicate as many as 40 school shootings since 2000 not including 5 in the first 7 weeks of 2018. A Washington Post analysis found that more than 150,000 students attending 170… schools have experienced a shooting on campus since the Columbine HS in 1999.

Allowing an environment, which kills and traumatizes our children is totally unacceptable? So why aren’t responsible people fixing this? Hint: follow the money, the politics and statements of those who profit from selling guns. Question, should Rob Wittman send his NRA money back?

Some people say, “Guns don’t kill people, people do.” Think about it. Guns make it easier to kill. What about countries with gun controls that do not have this problem. Hmm…getting a picture? Some gun regulation…fewer killings.

Some say, “It is a mental health problem.” Could be. At least in some cases it is likely a contributing factor. However, with the number of shootings, Americans must be much crazier than any other modern society. Do you buy that?

Others have said, “If more people believed in God, the problem would not exist.” ‘Tis, likely true, but how do we make that happen? Forced religion…hmmm? Is this a practical solution given declining church attendance?

“Arm the teachers?” Horrible idea! More teachers are leaving the profession now due to low salaries and high stress. Also, fewer are becoming teachers. Teacher’s school enrollments are down 30%. Yes, a looming shortage. Would an armed teacher be liable, if they failed? Student/Teacher empathy and guidance is a stake. Schools should be places of trust and learning.

Getting practical, how do we encourage Rob Wittman to take action, while being mindful of law abiding sporting gun owners? The answer could be electing someone else.

Solutions he should support are:

Require gun violence, violent behavior, restraining orders, mental health records, “no fly” lists be recorded in a nationwide automated system with effective retrieval.

Require and fund the CDC to study gun violence.

Hire school guidance counselors to identify and help students in need.

Impose age requirements for gun purchase and possession.

Close gun show loopholes.

Ban high-powered rapid-fire weapons, large ammunition clips, and bump stocks.

We must not let politicians who value financial support more than our children’s lives to be in office.

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