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Civil Rights and Race Relations in the Northern Neck


What is the status of race relations in the Northern Neck?

What can be done to improve relations?

What opportunities are there to make improvements?

RIWTP has invited two local citizens to address these questions on Wednesday, August 16th, 7pm, at 366 James Wharf Road, Whitestone, VA.

Injured protestor in Charlottesville 8/12/17


Civil Rights and race relations in the Northern Neck are the issues this month’s open meeting of Rappahannock Indivisible—We the People will consider. The meeting, Wednesday August 16, will feature two speakers, Jim Long, President of the Northumberland County NAACP, and Vashti Jones, a member of the Interracial Conversations group in Lancaster County. Long is a retired Northern Neck public school teacher who currently serves as a member of the

Northumberland County Board of Supervisors. He will speak on the activities of his NAACP chapter and highlight what opportunities exist to support efforts to improve interactions and relationships among the people of the Northern Neck.

Jones is a retired commercial credit manager who formerly served as Executive Director of Information Technology for Human Resources as part of the state government of Maryland. She will speak about the formation and ongoing programs of the Interracial Conversations group. Both speakers have been asked to share their views on the current status in the Northern Neck of racial equality and relationships. They will highlight positive elements and suggest areas for improvement.

The meeting will be held at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Northern Neck, 366

James Wharf Road in White Stone. It will begin at 7 p.m.

Mari Bonomi

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