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Urgent Action Needed Tuesday, March 28th

Urgent Action for Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March 28, 2017

If you share my concern, please tell Wittman to

vote no on S.J. Res 34 today.

The House will vote Tuesday on eliminating Obama-era

Federal Communications Commission privacy regulations

on internet service providers.The vote comes days

after Senate Republicans passed a bill introduced by

Senator Jeff Flake R-Ariz.) that would block the rules

under the Congressional Review Act. That measure

passed the Senate on Friday in a 50-48 party-line vote.

The FCC rules would have required broadband providers to

get permission from their customers before using or sharing their data for advertising purposes. The rule covers data including the apps consumers use, the websites they visit and their location.The measure would also prohibit the FCC from passing similar rules in the future.

Please Tell Wittman

We Value Our Privacy.

Vote No on S. J. Res 34.

submitted by Jim Knupp

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